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5 Best WooCommerce Plugins from FlyCart with 10% Discount

Starting your very own online store is an excellent career move in the increasingly competitive online business space. As most people are shifting to buying products online, your store can bring in a hefty income. To make an online store, you’ll need to enable eCommerce facilities by installing the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website.

But having a primary WooCommerce store is not enough to bring in massive traffic. You’ll need additional plugins to decorate the store and enable various functionalities. This article talks about 5 of the best WooCommerce plugins that FlyCart offers to make the best out of your WooCommerce experience.

FlyCart is an Indian company that offers various WooCommerce plugins at very affordable rates. Moreover, the company offers a FlyCart Coupon SAVE10 to help you get their products at a 10% discounted rate.

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Plugins from FlyCart

FlyCart WooCommerce Plugins

1. Discount Rules For WooCommerce – Pro

Nothing catches a viewer’s attention more than a good discount or sale offer. With the Discount Rule For WooCommerce – Pro, you can place various offers on your online store. The plugin comes in two variants from FlyCart, a free and a Pro version.

The plugins allow you to create various discount rules based on items, quantity, product categories, and much more. You can also place Bulk discounts, Buy One Get One offer, offer dynamic pricing, etc.

Discount Rules For WooCommerce Plugin

Some features of the plugin:

  • Discounts based on percentage, product category, total order, and many other discount rules
  • You get the ability to show discount tables on the product pages
  • The ability to offer dynamic pricing, bulk discounts, and BOGO offers in the Pro version

The Discount Rules For WooCommerce – Pro plugin starts at $49 per year and can be used on one site. There are other higher plans available that allow the plugin to be used on more than one site. The promo code SAVE10 helps you to get 10% off on all the plans.


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year of premium support and free updates
  • Availability of both free and paid versions


  • The free version has fundamental discount rules

2. Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

Keeping your customers engaged and making sure they get all the information necessary is an integral part of running an online store. To achieve that, you need to send transactional emails to notify all your viewers and customers alike about their orders, new products, deals, and much more.

The Email customizer Plus for WooCommerce Plugin is an excellent offering from FlyCart that helps you create custom transactional emails. The plugin creates professional-looking emails for your store with ease.

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

Some key features of the plugin:

  • Easily customize your transactional emails with an easy drag and drop editor
  • The Emails are compatible across all platforms, be it desktop or mobile
  • Built-in support for multiple languages with WPML along with many custom templates.

There are three plans available for the Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce. They are priced at a single site for $49 per year, 5 sites for $69 per year, 25 sites for $99 per year with a single license. The code SAVE10 helps you get a 10% discount on all the plans.


  • A compact plugin with various customization options available for your emails
  • 1 year of premium support and update
  • Use of shortcodes to dynamically add and modify the content


Lack of a monthly subscription

3. Loyalty Points, Rewards, Referral plugin for WooCommerce

Setting up reward programs, referral programs, and offering loyalty points for signing up are some of the most effective ways of keeping your visitors engaged. The loyalty point program can draw in many new potential viewers and have high chances of leading them to conversion.

The Loyalty points, Rewards, Referral program WooCommerce plugin, helps you set up various such programs on your online WooCommerce store. The plugin effectively makes your customers a part of your website by making all of their actions count.

Loyalty Points for WooCommerce by FlyCart

Some of the key features of the plugin:

  • You can offer loyalty points and rewards for new signups
  • You can create a system where anyone who refers to your store, they get some loyalty points.
  • You can also offer loyalty points for completing a purchase or leaving feedback on products.

There are three plans available for Loyalty points, Rewards, Referral plugin. The prices are: $99 for a single site, $129 for 5 sites, $199 for 25 sites with a single license. And using the code SAVE10 will get you a discount of 10% on all three plans.


  • No coding or programming knowledge required
  • Mobile-friendly plugin ensuring compatibility across all devices
  • The widget is fully customizable, making it seamlessly match with your store’s theme


There is no monthly plan available

4. Retainful

Retain is an excellent shopping cart saving plugin offered by FlyCart. The plugin saves all the abandoned shopping carts of all your visitors, so they can continue their shopping without any hassle when they return.

The plugin also triggers email reminders following up on the abandonment of a cart by a user. The cart recovery system ensures your customers return for more business and your visitors converting to consumers.

Retainful flyCart Plugin

Some features of the plugin:

  • Automatically sends reminder emails to recover the carts
  • Tracks the revenues generated by retrieving a coach and more
  • Generates unique coupons codes based on the items on the coach for their next orders

There are two versions of the WooCommerce plugin available free and paid. You can save up to 300 contacts and no premium add-ons. The paid version has three different plans: Starter at $7 per month, allowing 2000 contracts, Growth at $23 per month, allowing 5000 contacts, and Professional at $79 per month, allowing 25000 contacts.

All the prices mentioned are billed annually, which saves 20% as compared to their monthly plans. Additionally, you can save 10% on all the plans by using the code SAVE10.


  • Unlimited cart recovery
  • Drag and drop editor for emails
  • Multiple templates to start your journey with


  • No refund offered

5. Optinly

Optinly is another excellent addition to the WooCommerce Plugins library of FlyCart. The particular plugin is mainly focused on WordPress popup creation to increase the conversion rates of your website. The plugin tracks the visitors’ actions on the website and shows relevant popups whenever they perform any action.

The popups can be for any activity like showing a popup whenever someone is about to abandon a cart. Popups are promoting special offers, popups collecting feedback and surveys, and many more.

Optinly FlyCart Plugin

Some of the features of the Optinly:

  • Many types of popups available, including banners, spin the wheels, and more.
  • Many fully customizable templates which are all goal-based
  • Advanced builder for popups with no coding or development skills required.

The free license offers you 10 free templates, single-site usage, and primary features. The Paid plan called Growth starts at $25 per month and offers 5 site usage, 30 premium Templates, and many more premium features.


  • Easy popup creation with professional skills no required
  • Free version available with various core features
  • An excellent dashboard that provides the necessary insights in conversions and other statistics


  • No refund option available

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